What is a Marketing Rollout – And How Can You Use Them?

Emily O'Connell

This month at Bandbasher we are focusing on marketing rollouts. For the next three weeks, each one of our blog posts will be focused on either the different stages of the rollout or different types of rollouts. Understanding each one of these topics will educate you on how to successfully plan and follow through with a rollout of your new content. 

Marketing rollouts are a type of business plan in order to market new content to your followers. They are used in any type of industry where products or content are released and sold to the public. This creates excitement and tension for the upcoming release and if you execute the rollout correctly, more people will be inclined to listen or purchase your content.In the music industry, rollouts can be used to market new merchandise, music, and tours.

There are five different steps to a successful rollout which are:

  • Planning
  • Tease
  • Execute
  • Follow-Up
  • Re-evaluate

Finally, each one of these steps is extremely important which is why we are dedicating the next three weeks to individual blog posts that focus on a detailed version of each one of these steps. By the end of the month if you read all of these blog posts you will be able to fully execute a marketing rollout for anything new that you will be releasing to your fans.