Valentine’s Day Mood: Albums We Love

Kodi Vonn

We may have our passion for teaching artists about the music business in common, but the musical tastes across the Bandbasher office couldn’t be more different.
In honor of Valentine’s Day, get to know us better through the albums we love.


Emily, Blog Intern

How To Be A Human BeingGlass Animals
“Cane Shuga” is definitely the best song on this album because it combines a good listening aesthetic with lyrics that you have to look up to understand.There’s a lot of ambiguity with this song, but the definitive part is that the sound is solid across the entire song.

Random Access MemoriesDaft Punk
“Touch” is definitely the best song on this album. It starts slow and just builds for the entire song. It incorporates the best parts of any Daft Punk song and finally circles back to end where it began: a single voice questioning his humanity.


Han, Front-End Engineer

undred Waters – Everywhere (Live In-Studio)

here's us playing Everywhere in a studio, link to download in the comments 🎈 see us on tour soon

Posted by Hundred Waters on Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Moon Rang Like a BellHundred Waters
It’s a band that my fiancé and I discovered together at a music festival. We have opposite tastes in music and this is the first band that we both like. We’re planning on dancing to one of their songs on our wedding day.

YeezusKanye West
He’s a musical genius. This is my favorite album from him.

Bo, Graphic Designer

Houses of the HolyLed Zeppelin
My favorite album in the entire Led Zeppelin catalog. Entirely composed of original material, each song constructs a colorful landscape that I want to venture to. This is a heavy album for me, I’ve spent hours playing and learning these songs to help me grow as an artist.

St. VincentSt. Vincent
Annie Clark’s experimentation is what made this album. The archetype of “Near-Future Cult Leader” resonates all over these tracks with total unpredictability. Her outstanding guitar work has always inspired me to learn guitar in a more “unconventional” style.

Bo, Graphic Designer

Paid in Full – Eric B. & Rakim
This album is the reason I fell in love with hip-hop. This is why I joined the music industry.

Purple Rain Prince
Prince was my first concert, during his Purple Rain tour.

Max, Director of Marketing

Is This It The Strokes
For Emma, Forever Ago
Bon Iver
I picked these two albums because I think they are probably the most defining two pieces of music that I’ve ever listened to – in one of the most transformative phases in my life. I was obsessed with these in high school and they both opened up the doors to many more artists and styles of music for me.

Madison, Creative Director

Oh I beg you, can I follow? #lykkeli #ifollowrivers #woundedrhymes

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Wounded Rhymes Lykke Li
Every song on Wounded Rhymes is a pure melancholic genius and I admire her for that. Regardless of the time, I can always go back to her music and enjoy it

What a PleasureBeach Fossils
Such a beautiful collection of songs. I could die happily to the last song on the album, Adversity.

Gleb, Vice-President

(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? – Oasis
To me, this album is timeless and I will still be listening to it 50 years from now.

VegasThe Crystal Method
It’s just a great album. This is what got me into electronic music.

Rilee, Video Manager

VesselTwenty One Pilots
This album got me through a lot when I was 16. They have a way of making a song sound happy and upbeat, but when you listen to the lyrics, you can connect to them on a whole different level. Each lyric tells a story, paints a picture, and holds truth. My first Twenty One Pilots show was during the Vessel era in 2013. It was at this show that I discovered what it was I wanted to do as my career. Five years later and this band still helps me through a lot.

Although this album was recently released, I can honestly say it’s genius. I can say that because I’ve listened to it on repeat for almost two weeks. From the catchy melodies and hooks to the thought-provoking, metaphorical lyrics, this album makes you feel so many emotions. This band took a risk on trying different sounds and an overall vibe with this album. Needless to say, it definitely worked out in their favor.

Alex, Director of Product Design

My WayUsher
This was the first album that really got me R&B. It always made me think about my first crush and I related to every song.

Year of the GentlemanNeYo
This one is also related to a time when I was in a rollercoaster relationship. It went all over the place but helped me realize that I deserved better. All of my favorite albums relate to when I have gone through a struggle/peak in a relationship.

Giles, Director of Development

Tragic KingdomNo Doubt
The first concert I ever attended was for this album.

DookieGreen Day
This was my first CD, so I listened to it constantly.

Destiny, Chief Editor

The Unforgiven (legendado) 🙂 #TheUnforgiven #BlackAlbum #Metallica #MetallicaFans #MetallicaFan #MetallicaFamily #Metfamily #MetallicaSomeKindOfMonster #SomeKindOfMonster #JamesHetfield #PapaHet #KirkHammett #TheRipper #JasonNewsted #Newsted #LarsUlrich

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The Black Album Metallica
I’ve never stopped listening to their music. I love this album in particular because of “The Unforgiven” and “Nothing Else Matters”. Producer Bob Rock made this album’s sound classic and beautiful when played at full volume.

Long. Live. A$AP.A$AP Rocky
One of the few modern albums I can listen to without wanting to skip a single track. And “Suddenly” is such a great showcase for Rocky’s talent as a rapper and story teller.

David, Project Manager

Joshua Tree U2
U2 has always been one of my favorites because they have the ability to make you think while enjoying their music.

Back In Black AC/DC
As a teenager (and still today) I just like to bring out the air guitar with these guys and let loose.