The Top 10 Instagram Guitarists You Should Be Following

Max Haberman

With over 135 million music posts, Instagram has become a hotspot for rising talent in the music industry. All kinds of artists, ranging from singers to electric violinists, are using the platform to showcase their talents. Here we take a look at the Top 10 guitarists who are taking over Instagram.

1. Mateus Asato (@mateusasato)

When you keep the first take, you gotta share it. :xx Also… @thestreeter you are an insane drummer! 🤜🤛

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Mateus Asato, possibly the biggest Instagram guitarist out there, was born and raised in Brazil and currently resides in Los Angeles. He’s been touring with the singer-songwriter Grammy-nominee Tori Kelly and is influencing thousands of young musicians with his videos.

“Instagram was always an important source to me,” Asato writes, “but it became a whole different universe when it started allowing videos, which kind of changed my way of how to use Instagram.”

Since, Asato has grabbed the attention of some major artists with his videos. Matt Healy (The 1975), Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge/Slash), Caluum Hood (5sos), Nasri (Magic), James Valentine (Maroon 5), and John Mayer are some of the names on the list.

John Mayer can even be seen here at a NAMM show saying Asato is “one of the best guitarists around – and his stage is Intagram.”

2. Kfir Ochaion (@kfiro)

Play from the soul or don't play at all 🎸 #guitar #guitars #fender #stratocaster #gibson #lespaul #guitarplayer #guitarist #musician #musicians #electricguitar #rock #music #talentedmusicians #universityofrock #guitarsolo #guitarhero #jimihendrix #hendrix #straturday #gibsunday #instrument #pov #pointofview #perspective #closeup #kfiro #instagram #instagramer #instagrammer Gear: Fender Custom Shop 1962 Ernie Ball .010 TS808HW Tube Factor H9 Marshall Super Bass Thanks for watching ❤️

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Ochaion is a 37 year-old guitar player from Israel. Since learning to play at the age of 10, he has become “obsessed with guitar and tone. And with music in general.”

His signature Instagram videos are extremely well-produced and always capture the spirit of his Insta Bio:

“I use the guitar strings as vocal chords, capturing the human voice with my fingers.”

He also has a YouTube Channel that is growing fast. Check it out here.

3. Todd Pritchard (@toddpritch)

Loop jam on Strasbourg Saint Denis by Roy Hargrove 🎸 One of my favorite tunes to groove on 🙂 Any other instrumentalists want to add to the melody/groove? Feel free 🙏🏻 . . . @guitarsdaily @gibsonguitar @pickariff @showguitars @talented_musicians #guitars #guitarsdaily #talnts #philly #royhargrove #guitarist #monday #morning #jam #session

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Todd Pritchard utilizes Fingerstyle, Classical, Gospel and Hip Hop to develop his unique guitar style. His Instagram videos are of the funkiest and smoothest kind and are scary fun to watch. Pritchard currently resides in Philadelphia, PA, where he continues to compose, perform, collaborate with artists, and work as a studio musician.

His compositions have provided his trio and acoustic projects with “an authentic sound and accompanying culture.”

His debut album will be released in the fall of 2017.

4. & 5. Annie Wagstaff (@annieplaysguitar) & Hannah Koppenburg (@hannahplayskeys)

GUYS, give us your love??? 😃 @hannahplayskeys. #loop #music #guitar #keys #musician

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As two session players living in East London, this duo can be seen jamming out together all over Instagram. Trained at ACM (the Academy of Contemporary Music) and Berklee College of Music, Annie and Hannah mix a variety of electronic sounds with funk and pop, featuring different vocalists.

They have built their social media following over the past few months and are now working on an EP to be released in singles in order to take the project live.

6. Artur Menezes (@art_menezes)

@pickupjazz came to our rehearsal today. We had a great time!@pickupjazz with @repostapp ・・・ 🤘🏽Art (@art_menezes) is a boss. @guibodi – bass, @b.richdrumz – drums. _ @mihollywood #musiciansinstitute #blues #gibson #pickupjazz #guitar _ Video by @pickupjazz.

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“The new rising star of the blues in Latin America and beyond.”  —Michalis Limnios

Artur Menezes is a high-energetic guitarist based in LA. Menezes is one of the most requested blues artists in Brazil. In addition to performing the traditional blues, he also plays modern blues – mixing it with other styles.

Menezes is currently making his name playing around California. He won the Santa Clarita Valley Blues Society Challenge and performed at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, among over 250 bands from all over the world.

7. Rhys Gilchrist (@rhysgilchrist)

Here's a little idea I made up- what should it be called 😁? Also, extra marks for those who guess who it's inspired by 🎶

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Rhys Gilchrist is a 21 year-old guitarist living in Edinburgh, Scotland. He teaches guitar to students all over the world via Skype using his guitar expertise in studio work, collaboration and songwriting.

Currently in the final year of his Bachelor of Music Degree, Rhys is looking forward to finishing so he can focus on his own music. He is in the process of writing for a new collaborative project with his songwriting partner Theo-Spencer Brown and hopes to release his first album in the next year.

8. Radboud Withaar (@radboudwithaar)

L'estate' ☀️ Did a retake on this one. It will be the first song I'm gonna record, so this is for me and you to get to know it again. I will also record some sort of solo over it. 🔹Tabs for this one: follow the link in my bio. This one is temporary specially priced!

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Radboud Withaar is a guitar player from the Netherlands. He studied pop music and jazz at the conservatory from The Hague and now teaches and plays all kinds of popular music.

Radboud is trying to find his “own sound on the guitar” – which is the result of all of his influences which include “Jazz, Rock, Metal, Country, Blues, Pop, Funk, Soul, Latin and Classical.”

He is planning to release an album with his own music on Spotify and iTunes sometime this year.

9. Horace Bray (

Sometimes you just have to shed playing over one tonality (FMaj) #bedhead #dontcare

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Horace Bray began playing drums at age ten but later picked up guitar at fourteen after getting into Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. Graduating from The University of North Texas, he now resides in Denton, TX, where he has recently self-produced and released his new album Dreamstate. Horace plans to move to New York and continue his journey through the music industry.

“Horace Bray is one of those artists I’m glad I’ve run into in the past and should definitely be one of those voices you should know.” – Nextbop: Anthony Dean Harris, via Bray’s site

10. Vincent Draaijer (@vinioes)

Sunday Feels was the first "Instagram Song" I heard when I started this guitar related page and it has since been the soundtrack (for me) to the amazing community of musicians here on IG and in particular Pickupjazz. I've met some great people/musicians through that page but most of all it opened up a whole new world of guitarplaying and songwriting to me. Anyway, this is a small ode to Sam's Sunday Feels. Now I'm done with the sappy stuff. 🍃🍂🍁

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Draaijer is a young guitarist from The Netherlands who is currently gaining lots of momentum on Instagram. His videos feature strong ambient guitar playing and are extremely addicting to watch. He is into all kinds of music, but mostly draws from “NeoSoul, Ambient, and Indie Influences,” says Vincent.

His page also features insightful album reviews in a series called Albums You Should Check Out.

There is no doubt we will be seeing a lot more of Draaijer and his skillful guitar playing.