Spotify Playlists – Which One Should You Start Listening To?

Emily O'Connell

This week we’re looking into Spotify playlists and what artists need to do in order to get onto them. This is currently a hot topic in the industry. So, to start the week off right go ahead and take this short quiz to see what Spotify playlist you should start listening to today.

Question One

At what time of day do you usually listen to music?

  1. I’m literally always listening to music – from the time I wake up to when I go to bed
  2. Usually in the mornings, when I’m enjoying my coffee and still waking up
  3. Around midday, when I’m in my car on my lunch break and escaping work for a bit
  4. At the end of the day, I’m relaxing with my headphones on after a long day
  5. When I’m studying, I only listen to music when I need to focus on something

Question Two

What is your go-to drink?

  1. Soda, duh – I need my caffeine and my sugar and I need it now
  2. Coffee, obviously – I don’t care if it is iced or hot, just give it to me.
  3. An energy drink – I need an afternoon pick me up and the sugar high keeps me going
  4. Herbal tea – it is good for the soul and the decaf helps me relax
  5. Water (I know it sounds boring) – but it has great health benefits and it keeps me hydrated

Question Three

What was your favorite subject in school?

  1. Lunch
  2. Science
  3. History
  4. English
  5. Math

Question Four

What playlist do you already listen to?

  1. Fresh Discoveries
  2. Get Happy!
  3. Brain Food
  4. Throwback Jams
  5. Working Day

Question Five

Who is your favorite artist?

  1. Headclouds
  2. Jackson 5
  3. Zedd
  4. The Killers
  5. Arcade Fire


If you got mostly 1’s you need to listen to New Music Friday! You consume so much music that you’re probably close to running out, Spotify keeps this playlist updated every week so you’ll never run out of tunes to listen to.
If you got mostly 2’s you need to listen to Have a Great Day! This morning mood changing playlist will get a smile on your face as you get ready to face a long day doing whatever it is you usually do.
If you got mostly 3’s you need to listen to Bassdrops! You need something to jam out to on your lunch break and this playlist filled with songs that include the best type of beats in them is something you need to listen to.
If you got mostly 4’s you need to listen to Throwback Thursday! When you’re relaxing after a long day you need something familiar to listen to and this is just that playlist for you.
If you got mostly 5’s you need to listen to Funky Jazz, Blue, and Soul! You need something calm in the background to help you understand that material for your test and you can’t concentrate if you have someone yelling lyrics at you.