What Lesser Known 90’s Artist Should You Start Listening To?

Emily O'Connell

This week we’re focusing on longevity – and how important it is to the music industry. Some artists have been able to exist with a moderate fanbase since the early 90’s and even earlier. Answer a few questions to see what lesser known 90’s artist you should start listening to today!

Question One
What 2000’s artist best matches what you listen to on a daily basis?
A. Bon Iver
B. Evanescence
C. Daft Punk
D. Tupac
E. My Chemical Romance

Question Two
Where do you prefer to listen to your music?
A. In my bedroom, while studying for class
B. Driving downtown with the windows down
C. While cooking alone, so I can dance without being embarrassed
D. While partying with friends
E. While staring up at the moon and contemplating my life

Question Three
What era of music do you relate to the most?
A. Late 1990’s
B. Early 1980’s
C. Late 2000’s
D. Early 1990’s
E. Early 2000’s

Question Four
Where do you listen to your music?
A. On vinyl, so I can watch my record player spin around
B. On a C.D. in my laptop, I’m not giving up all my old tech just yet
C. On Spotify, the best platform for listening to newer music
D. Streaming on Soundcloud, the best platform for developing artists
E. On my first generation iPod, I refuse to give up my past

Question Five
What best describes you as a person?
A. Levelheaded, my friends would say I’m down to earth
B. Hopeful, I always have my best attitude on
C. Excited, I literally always have energy and am always talking
D. Carefree, my head is usually in the clouds
E. Angry but also caring when I’m with my friends

If you got mostly A’s you should listen to Death Cab for Cutie. This alternative indie rock band has been around since 1997 and has released eight albums. It is noted for its use of unconventional instrumentation, as well as their unique lyrical style.

If you got mostly B’s you should listen to The Cranberries. This Irish rock band has been around since 1989 and took a six year hiatus from 2003-2009, they have released six albums. They incorporate a lot of Irish folk and post-punk into their music.

If you got mostly C’s you should listen to the Gorillaz. This electronic entirely virtual band was created in 1997 and took a hiatus from 2006-2011, they have released five albums. They are noted for being entirely virtual and the members are entirely fictional.

If you got mostly D’s you should listen to Salt-N-Pepa. This hip hop and rap trio were created in 1985 and were one of the first all female rap groups, they have released five albums. They are most well known for their fourth album, Very Necessary.

If you got mostly E’s you should listen to Jimmy Eat World. This rock band formed in 1993 and has released nine albums. They have had the same lineup for eight out of nine of their albums and their last album was released in 2016.