Snapchat’s Artist Pass Gives Behind-the-Scenes View of Industry’s Biggest Acts

Cat Henderson

Snapchat has been the social media platform to beat recently, and with Billboard’s help, the competition is only getting fiercer.

“Artist’s Pass” is a new feature created with music enthusiasts in mind. Billboard has created a music documentary series that follows artists and allows an exclusive look at how they prepare for their live performances. Each series is said to last about four to five minutes and highlights musicians as prominent as Demi Lovato, Rae Sremmurd and Luke Bryan–with more to be announced soon.

Rather than typical snaps only lasting a mere 24 hours, Artist’s Pass will be available for 48 hours on Snapchat Discover and will air biweekly. Snapchat Discover prides itself in showcasing only the most entertaining news and updates and Billboard thinks their new feature will be a success story.

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Watch this week's episode of #artistpass featuring @ddlovato. Live on Snapchat now!

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John Amato, President of Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter Media Group described Snapchat Discover as a “curated” and “selective” platform and stated, “We believe that Snapchat is the premiere platform for younger millennials and we want to continue to find new opportunities to reach that audience.”

These new segments could be Snapchat’s attempt at winning over some of Apple Music’s viewers.

Just last year, Apple Senior VP, Eddy Cue openly showed interest in creating a music-centered series revolving around video content. Apple’s streaming service has already taken on short documentary series such as Harry Styles: Behind the Album, Taylor Swift’s 1989 world tour concert video and monthly features entitled Up Next–which spotlights ambitious artists.

Snapchat is no newcomer to publishing music-related content, with its “Our Story” coverage featuring music festival snaps ranging from EDC to Glastonbury and Bonnaroo, as well visual effects filters for artists like Ed Sheeran, Lana Del Rey, and Sia.


Tapping and holding on a Discover Channel lets you Subscribe so you always see it on your Stories page.

Artist’s Pass will contain original content that will surely engage their audience and keep music lovers satisfied.

Stay tuned for the next segment to be released on August 18th.

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